I was born in eastern part of Finland; Varkaus in 1976. I used to live there until I was adult, studied this and that and was too restless to stay still. So i moved a lot, had many different jobs across Finland. When I was younger, I couldn't handle myself - so everything was total chaos. Then I found art in my life. It was such a blessing to me.
I love multitasking/i'm always restless, so in my life I have many roles;
- mum of two daughters
- wife of Jussi
- entreprenour / CEO in Dream Circus LTD
- artist in KatiK design
- dog breeder in kennel Rangerin
So my life is quite full of everything.
As an artist I do everything with the current feeling, very rarely any commissions. I love different materials and often I try new colors or new painting materials. I'm inspired by them for several weeks, then something new comes again...
As a person I'll get tired of things quickly so I need always something to do or I'll go nuts. That's why art in it's every form is my way to escape reality and to express my feelings.

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